Modular Furniture of Sanjin Halilovic

For the admirers of simplicity, of geometric shapes and bold design, I present to you a very interesting proposal: the modular furniture of Sanjin Halilovic.

Today there are many people who are dedicated to the design of furniture for esaço interiors, all of them with very similar proposals or conventional. Halilovic has come up with some original proposals simple and adaptable design to help us create a charged atmosphere of order and freshness.

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Vintage Furniture Francisco Segarra

The vintage is one of the trends that are currently more fashionable. Every day more and more people are interested in decorating the interiors of its spaces (houses, offices or companies) with this decorative style.

These are the retro trends that feed the imagination and creativity of Francisco Segarra, who offers us a wide and varied collection of all kinds of furniture based on the textures, shapes and colors of the vintage trend. Continue reading

Oriental-style TV Furniture

If you’re looking for furniture to complete an oriental decor, these lucky because I found a site specializing in this type of furniture. The new collection Yoshida of Greentea Design is perfect for what you’re looking for.

Today we will speak more specifically of oriental-style tv Mobile. The furniture of this kind of environment that the company offers is huge and features some very elegant shapes and designs.His style, in addition to beautiful and functional, perfectly matches the style of oriental culture.

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Style and Creations of Mario Bellini

Mario Bellini is one of the artists with more recognition and worldwide fame within the world of design. Coming from a large family of artists and decorators. To your trademark is dedicated to creating spaces and furniture loaded with a large dose of urbanism and industrial design.

The catalogue of products that the company Mario Bellini offers is wide, finding a wide variety of furniture for home, decorative accessories, lamps, beds and even antique furniture shop. Each one of your creations offers elegance on your way is exceptionally located.

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Stackable Furniture for Small Houses

The young designer Jean-Charles Amey looks pretty made aware with the problems of current space and one of their motivations is to create stackable furniture that will make life easier in small spaces. Today I present you three very practical creations that I draw attention visually.

The first creation I want to show you is the VAC Shelf bookcase, an original wooden bookcase whose sides will stacking on top of each other and that give as a result an innovative inverted pyramid in which we can keep books.

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