Zurich Travel Guide

Although Zurich is perhaps best known as an important financial hub, the city offers everything a city break should include. Here you get one of the hippest and liveliest destinations in Europe.

Zurich – a safe, beautiful and clean city

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland (the capital is Bern), with a population of about 410,000. Its location at the northwestern end of Lake Zurich, and the surrounding mountain landscape, help make Zurich one of the most beautiful cities in Europe . Other words and expressions often used to describe Zurich are urban, cosmopolitan, rich in culture, safe, clean, and not least well-functioning. The Swiss can do this by keeping order in the sewing matters. According to Abbreviation Finder, Zurich is ranked as one of the best living conditions for both residents and visitors.


The city is suitable for pedestrians and cyclists. This, together with well-developed public transport, means that relatively few cars travel on the streets of Zurich. The city center is best experienced on foot, while longer transport stages can be taken by tram, bus, local train or taxi.

Recommended hotels in Zurich

  • Widder Hotel-Do you prefer luxury when you are on a trip ?. Then take a closer look at this 5-star hotel in the center of Zurich. A night here is not cheap, but then it is in return everything you expect from a 5-star hotel.
  • Hotel Schweizerhof Zürich-Awesome and venerable 4-star hotel in a central location in the city center of Zurich. High standard and short way to most things.
  • Hotel SeehofNice 3-star hotel with a central location in Seefeld. Good feedback.

Fly directly to Zurich

There are currently two direct routes between Gardermoen and Zurich, operated by SAS and Swiss Air, respectively. Both companies fly daily on this route. The flight time is about 2 hours and 20 minutes. With a stopover, for example with KLM, Brussels Airlines or Lufthansa, the travel time takes from 4 hours and up. There is not much to complain about the price, especially if you get direct flights. There, a return ticket can cost as little as about 1,200 kroner. The prices for flights with stopovers are a few hundred bucks more expensive, and you usually get well below 2,000 kroner.

From Zurich Airport to the city center, there are express trains that take just under 15 minutes, trams that take about 30 minutes, and buses that take about 35 minutes. If you take a taxi, you spend as little time as the high-speed train.

Here it is best to live in Zurich

The old town Altstad is probably the most obvious choice when visitors choose an area to live in. There you have access to many of the best restaurants, sights, theaters, churches and museums. Altstad also has the highest concentration of hotels, and in all price ranges. The district is number 1 of the 12 districts of Zurich, and this is where you arrive if you take the train from the airport.

District 2 is located on the western side of Lake Zurich and is called Enge. This is also a very good area to live in. There is good access to idyllic hiking trails that run along the sea. Enge is perhaps the most trendy part of the city, known for having a top nightlife, many good places to eat and affordable boutique hotels.

Seefeld on the eastern side of Lake Zurich is also a very nice area, but somewhat more calm and relaxed than Enge. The city’s beautiful opera, the Chinese garden, several “Badis” (changing rooms for those who want to take a dip in the sea) and Lido, a famous spa only for ladies, are located in Seefeld. The district has many good restaurants to offer, as well as being considered a good place for shopping.

Lake Zurich

Bring some of the fountains with you

In Zurich you will find over 1200 fountains that pump out drinking water with top quality. Here you do not have to buy a water bottle at the supermarket if you get thirsty. Rather visit one of the many tourist info offices and buy a reusable bottle. Several of the fountains are in themselves among the most important sights. Take, for example, a look at the Amazon fountain at the beginning of the Rennweg, one of the main streets that runs through the old town. This is one of the oldest in the city, and dates to before the year 1430. In the garden of Villa Tobler in the street Winkelwiesse you will find three beautiful fountains that you should also consider.