Travel to Croatia

For a number of years now, Croatia has attracted more and more tourists with its turquoise waters, lagoons and cheap prices. More and more people have discovered the beauty of this gem, so much so that the Croats themselves have grown a little tired of some tourists and have now introduced fines for inappropriate behavior in some places. Croatia has several beautiful cities and destinations that can be combined with sunbathing, culture and sight-seeing. Those who have not been here before may have a hard time knowing where to start but some typical examples of lovely seaside resorts where you really get value for your money are:

  • Split
  • Brac
  • Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian coast with over 1000 islands.
  • Istria

Boat hood

Many tourists choose to take a boat trip among the Croatian islands, especially on the Dalmatian coast which looks like a real archipelago with hundreds of islands. It is very easy to book such a tour, both in the country or at home before departure, and on the islands you can stay overnight for a certain time as it suits you. It is cheap to take a ferry in Croatia and different companies to choose from are Jadrolinija, Split Tours or Krilo. A trip between two islands of about 2 hours costs no more than SEK 55. If you do not want to go by ferry but instead experience the archipelago with a little style and finesse, you can book a sailboat or a sailing trip that goes between the islands. Sailing in Croatia has become immensely popular and a perfect holiday trip for those who want to avoid overcrowded beaches.

Typical of Croatia

Lavender in abundance, olive oil, the islands and the white truffle are some of the things you should try or buy at home if you are lucky enough to stay in Croatia. Add a good dose of culture and history and you have Croatia in a nutshell. Dubrovnik is e.g. protected by UNESCO, which has renovated roofs and buildings since the time of the former Yugoslavia.

Came to Croatia

The easiest way to get to Croatia, no matter where you want to end up, is by plane. Charter, low-cost flights such as Ryanair and Norwegian as well as regular companies such as SAS are available here. If you want, you can also train with the Interrail card or drive all the way here and rent on site if it interests you. Once inland, it is easy to take advantage of the bus network, which is new and organized. Ticket prices are cheap and even taking a taxi does not cost much. In the cities, however, it is best to walk, then you discover everything so much better.


At the seaside resorts there are many hotels in the middle price range. In the larger cities, you can also surround yourself with luxury if you so wish. Prices are slightly lower than in Sweden depending on whether it is high or low season, but you can also expect a slightly lower standard than at home. However, both buildings and railways etc. are being refurbished in Croatia, so prices will probably rise at regular intervals in the future.

Hvar – Queen of Dalmatia

Hvar - Queen of Dalmatia

Lavender and rosemary fields spread their scent throughout the island, Hvar is also characterized by its good wine, medieval buildings and that it is surrounded by crystal clear water. With the most hours of sunshine in all of Croatia, Hvar is one of the more popular destinations. Since the 19th century, the island has attracted tourists, but it is only in recent years that Swedes have opened their eyes to this little gem in the Adriatic.

Clear destination

The island of Hvar is one of the largest islands in the Croatian archipelago. According to many, Hvar is also the most beautiful island and with over 2700 hours of sunshine per year, it is an excellent destination for anyone who loves sunbathing and swimming. For those who are active, there is also the opportunity to dive and go surfing – and sailing school.

Lively or peaceful?

The town of Hvar, located on the west coast of the island, is crowded with people from different parts of the world during the high season. People are looking for the city’s small, yet generous range of shopping and also for the beach and all it has to offer. The night is hectic but exciting for those who love the entertainment into the wee hours and during the summer a music festival is also organized with lots of concerts outdoors under the bare night sky, in monasteries and cathedrals.

If you want a slightly calmer holiday instead, the island of Hvar is still a clear place. Cities such as Jelsa and Stari Grad located in the northern part of the island, are popular destinations for many tourists but still go at a slightly slower pace. Jelsa is especially attractive for families with children with its shallow beaches, which is unusual in the rest of Croatia.

Food and entertainment

Good Croatian food is found in many of the island’s quaint restaurants, often served with one or a few glasses of locally produced wine. Surrounded by medieval buildings and the scent of lavender and rosemary, it is easy for hours to fly by sitting on an outdoor terrace in one of Hvar’s restaurants. Enjoy Hvar’s specialties of seafood, a must when visiting the island! Another specialty that the island has to offer is their lavender honey. It also works well as a gift or as a souvenir for yourself to take home at the end of the holiday.

Get around Hvar

Regardless of which of the cities you choose to holiday in, Hvar is a small island and does not require too much time to explore. The easiest way is to get around by moped or bicycle, which is available for rent on the island. Public transport works quite well on the island, but it also hinders the freedom to be able to stay where you want and leave when you want. It is also possible to rent a car on Hvar, but there are only two petrol stations on the island, something to remember. Taxis should be avoided, however, as it quickly becomes very expensive, not least if you go on longer day trips.

Go to Hvar

There is no airport on the island, as a rule you fly to Split and from there a transfer down to the port which takes about half an hour, then it is about an hour boat ride over to the small island.