Top Cities for the Girl Gang

We have picked out three exciting big cities that are great for the trip with the girl group. The criteria is that each city must have something special about it when it comes to nightlife and experiences. Which makes them different from the tourist magnets London and Paris. Take a city break with your friends, where the good life is paramount.

Girl trip to Berlin

Girl trip to Berlin

There is actually a saying that goes “Good girls go to heaven – bad girls go to Berlin”. This way you can bring a pinch of salt, but at the same time acknowledge that Berlin is the big city for everything that is different and challenging. It only takes an hour and forty minutes to get there by direct flight from Oslo. The city has several areas that are preferable when it comes to accommodation. Mitte, the city center, is a safe choice with many of the sights within walking distance. For those who want exciting nightlife near the hotel, Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain are the right areas. In Berlin you arrive easily and quickly by subway, tram or bus, which is always on schedule.

Eating and drinking in Berlin

You will find absolutely all types of restaurants in Berlin. Besides food from all corners of the world, in all price ranges, you should look for the quirky eateries that pop up almost daily. Try one of the vegetarian or raw food restaurants, soup restaurants or restaurants that serve exclusively desserts. There are also many roof-top restaurants and bars. Choose, for example, the popular and trendy Monkey Bar, which overlooks the Tiergarten, or the Hotel de Rome, where movie stars frequent.

Nightlife is what makes Berlin different

The trend people in Berlin do not show up at the nightclubs until around 03.00 at night, and then they keep on until long after the sun has risen. The city has many nightclubs where world-famous DJs spin records, such as Berghain. Although it does not appeal to everyone, the clubs with a combination of techno, decadent and outspoken guests are in strange surroundings, which is fun to experience, even from the sidelines. Are you more laid back, and normally in sleep mode after midnight, there are plenty of comfortable lounge bars and quieter options. Berlin has it all and most things are worth a visit.

Shopping in Berlin

Here you can go crazy if shopping is on the agenda. Kurfürstendamm (“Ku’damm” among the locals) is the most famous shopping street. Take, for example, the trip to BIKINI, a unique concept with all kinds of design, as well as many pleasant dining options. The city houses everything from giant outlet stores, via the latest scream shops from the biggest fashion houses, to small boutiques with local design. Look for one of Humana’s giant second-hand shops, or go to one of the many flea markets. The one located in Mauerpark is most famous, not only for second-hand shops and antiques, but also the karaoke show on Sundays.

Bring some of the history

Berlin is the center of many of the most critical periods in recent world history. Checkpoint Charlie in Friedrichstrasse should be visited, as well as the Holocaust Memorial near the Brandenburg Gate. In the heart of the Mitte district, the State Opera, St. Hedwig’s Cathedral and Humboldt University are close together, along the famous Unter Den Linden Avenue. If you want a more rural setting, head to Schloss Charlottenburg. The palace was built in 1695 and is almost as impressive as the castle of Versailles outside Paris. You can also see the whole of Berlin in one go. From the top of the Fernsehturm (the TV tower, you can not avoid watching it) you get a view of the whole city from about 200 meters above ground level.

Girl trip to Florence

Girl trip to Florence

Florence is the regional capital of Tuscany, and famous for its grandiose art and architecture. As of today, it is not possible to fly directly from Oslo to Amerigo Vespucci, the airport that serves the city. A stopover is required, but it is quite possible to find affordable tickets anyway. You can also fly directly to Milan and then take the express train to Florence. Choose accommodation centrally, preferably in the city’s historic center. Bring shoes that are good to walk in. In Florence you experience most things on foot.

Eating and drinking in Florence

One of the advantages of Italian cities like Florence is that it does not matter which restaurant you end up in. Delicious food is everywhere, and there is a lot going on in meat. In Italy, each region has its own twist on the traditional dishes. Small nuances in the use of spices that make the meal a special experience. Wine with the food is almost mandatory. Tuscany is rightly considered one of the best wine districts in the world. Ask the waiters for recommendations and you will get a taste of local products that the Florentines are proud of.

Very beautiful to look at

Florence is an outdoor museum. You walk between world-famous buildings, magnificent towers, the ancient bridge Ponte Vecchio while in the piazzas there are statues of Michelangelo and Giambologna. Ville Medici, with its wonderful garden, should be visited, even if it means you have to take a short detour out of the center. Florence is also the city to go to the museum in, or in one of the many churches from the Middle Ages. Tired of trudging around? Take a trip to Piazza della SS Annunziata, find Café Robligio dal 1928 and order a cappuccino or a glass of wine. Relax and enjoy the view of all the masterpieces that surround the square.

Shopping in Florence

In Florence there is a top selection of shops and malls for fashion clothes. Obesity is, of course, the latest craze in Italian fashion. Still, there are crafts you should focus on if you are going shopping. Look for small shops with handmade jewelry in silver and gold, handmade shoes, bags and belts, perfumes, as well as ornaments in iron and other metals. This is also the place to find antiques, all kinds of art, and of course delicacies and wonderful wine.

Also take the trip out of town

It is relatively short distances from Florence to other exciting sights. For example, it is recommended to visit one of the vineyards in Chianti, with opportunities for walks in beautiful surroundings, wine tasting from the top shelf, delicious food and accommodation with fresh air from fruit trees that surround the farms. Also consider a day trip to Pisa, Siena or the tiny country of San Marino, the world’s oldest republic. It does not take more than an hour or two to get to these places.

Girl trip to Budapest

Girl trip to Budapest

The capital of Hungary must be included when we recommend destinations for the girls’ trip. Getting to Budapest by direct flight is easy and affordable. Here you also get great hotels for a reasonable price. Budapest has a historical buzz about it that frames your stay in a very special way. The sights are many, and you can reach them easily on foot, or with the city’s well-developed subway and tram lines.

Eating and drinking in Budapest

Hungary produces high quality wine, and in Budapest you can visit top wine bars, or take a guided wine tour. The restaurant offer is also very good and it is relatively affordable to visit the best eateries. Hungarian food must be tried, preferably at a family restaurant. In Budapest you will find a dozen stylish Art Nouveau-style cafes, and many of them are as much known as sights, as for the serving. Here you can enjoy a glass of sparkling wine accompanied by sumptuous cakes.

Culture and nightlife in Budapest

Opera and classical concerts are among the highlights of this city. The concert halls invite you to put on elegant outfits. Classical music is something the former Eastern Bloc countries really can, including Hungary. Budapest houses many top nightclubs where there are parties all night, cool jazz clubs, funky lounge bars and much more, for those who want to go out on the town. If you want to try something special, you can stop by one of the many so-called ruin pubs. Fun pubs in dilapidated buildings, often with exhibitions of the creations of local artists.

Shopping in Budapest

Shopping is not bad at all. Budapest has several shopping streets that are reminiscent of, for example, the Champs Elysée in Paris, or Oxford Street in London, as well as large shopping centers that hold all kinds of brands. Also look for shops that carry products from local designers, or stop by one of the many and exciting flea markets.

Budapest is the best at the spa

Perhaps best of all are the many opportunities to relax in elegant and luxurious spas. There are more than a hundred natural springs in Budapest, and they can be enjoyed all year round, both indoors and outdoors. For example, combine a Turkish bath with a glass of champagne, massage, hand and foot care. Several of the spas have their own days where it is open only to ladies. Take a look at what Gellért Baths or Széchenyi has to offer, and let yourself be inspired by a trip.

Top city break for the girl gang