Tips on How to Work in Traveling

Are you one of those people who dreams of working in traveling? See what are the possible professions to realize this dream on our list today!

Everyone likes (and can!) Travel to a variety of places. Even better if your job depends on travel. After all, you can make your hobby and turn your profession into something much more enjoyable.

With that in mind, we have listed a few professions that will get you off the ground, pack your suitcase, and experience stories and experiences while you work. Here we go?😉

1. Flight crew

Perhaps the flight crew function is best remembered when it comes to professions that allow you to work while traveling around the world. After all, what other more interesting way to combine work and travel if you are not a flight attendant?

Crew members start their career with a salary considered reasonable by Brazilian standards. More experience and flight hours can make an international flight attendant earn more than double the starting salary.

In addition to taking care of the welfare of the passenger, the flight attendant is responsible for flight safety. It reviews closing doors, belts and has to be prepared to deal with various behaviors. Therefore, it requires a lot of discipline and professional preparation.

To become a flight attendant, you must invest in a specialized course and take a test at the National Aviation Agency (Anac). This is a good idea to travel to different countries and to guarantee, besides a monthly salary, several benefits, such as health insurance and food allowance. But beware: to work on international routes, you must have knowledge in other languages.

2. Cruise Crew

If you have a passion for saltwater and are prepared to spend more time at high tide than on land, you can turn to the various professions available to the cruise crew. As a consequence, you will travel working around the world.

Although the activity is heavy, those who have had the experience ensure that the effort is worth it. Among the professions available to the cruise crew are receptionists, passenger entertainment professionals, waiters, bartenders, housekeeping, cleaning staff, among others.

Another good news is that salaries can pay a lot due to the time professionals spend on board without the usual payables. Imagine having your salary and still save?

3. Volunteering

The profile of those who choose volunteer work is almost always linked to people who want to gain more experience than money, because this type of occupation is unpaid. However, they do receive something very valuable: the opportunity to meet different people, places, cultures and especially to write new stories.

There are many alternatives and destinations. Just choose what to do and where to perform. You can go to some country in Africa or Central America to help raise children, for example, or work in organic gardens in the Netherlands.

There are many websites to apply for, but GO Abroad is one of the most reliable and highly credible when it comes to volunteering. Check out the available programs and see how to apply.

4. Blogger

One profession that has grown a lot in recent years is blogging. It goes something like this: a person opens a blog about a subject that dominates, regularly posts interesting content, makes a cool dissemination of the site and makes money from advertising placed on the blog. The more visits the space receives, the more money the blogger receives.

Therefore, those who seek to venture into this profession need to take some time to make the site a relevant and attractive space. For those who want to work traveling, the tip is to create a blog about it! Travel tips around the world, for example.

5. Photographer

How about making a living capturing beautiful images from around the globe? The profession of photographer has numerous possibilities and one of them is this. For this, an idea is to make trips to unusual places and record interesting moments. Then the images obtained can be sold online.

An alternative to photography is to work with video production. These can be sold to different communication channels or shared on YouTube, a social network that can also make money.

6. Au pair

Many exchange agencies present this opportunity for young people who want to travel and experience another culture: working as an au pair, ie taking care of children. In return, the traveler usually receives accommodations in a family home and a salary.

This is a good opportunity to learn another language and experience a different culture without investing a large amount of money.

7. Tour Guide

Another idea is to work in a travel agency and follow tours on trips around the world. To work as a guide, training in the field and expertise is required to work abroad.

This is also a profession that requires knowledge in another language. Being a guide is a good suggestion for anyone who has an extrovert, curious, communicative and lively profile.