The Best Cities for SPA in Europe Part 1


Luxury in the center

Wellness and everything that belongs to it is something the Swiss really can do. Because the country is surrounded by alps and mountains, Switzerland has a very high number of hot springs, even in the capital Zurich . The water from the Aqui spring, which is located deep below the city, is taken up to several of the hotels, and to its own wellness centers that are open to the public. One of the most famous spa centers is the Thermalbad & Spa Zürich. The center is built in an old brewery, with Roman baths embedded in the old stone walls. You can also enjoy the hot spring water in the outdoor pool and on the roof of the brewery. From there you have a phenomenal view of the city center.

Luxury in the center

The most famous spa hotel is the legendary The Dolder Grand. The wellness center here is 4,000 square meters in size, and includes an outdoor pool with panoramic views of the capital and Lake Zurich. The hotel is top notch, with a Michelin-starred 2-star restaurant. The price level will then be, you are hereby warned. A far cheaper option is Lady’s First Hotel. The wellness area there is also impressive, but be aware that it is reserved for ladies. B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa is also worth considering. The hotel has one of the better wellness centers. The location in relation to both the city center, green areas and Lake Zurich is excellent, and the price level is livable considering that it is located in Switzerland.

Flip to hot springs in the Alps

You have a lot to choose from inside Zurich, but even more if you take the trip out of the city. The country is no bigger than a quick trip of an hour or two will take you to the border. Or to the mountain village of Vals, perhaps the best place for a spa in Switzerland . There is 7132 Therme Vals, a famous spa hotel and spa. The hotel has a very special and renowned architecture, and is built right on top of the source of the hot springs. The water from here has traveled for three whole years through mountains and mountains to get there. The drops the spa guests do not bathe in are bottled and sold all over Switzerland. If you are taking the trip from Zurich, you should consider setting aside time for a visit to Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein. The detour from the road you are traveling on takes only 10 minutes.


Many affordable spa hotels in the center of Prague

The Czech capital is among the cities we Norwegians visit most often. Getting there is easy, airline tickets are often very affordable, and money goes a long way in Prague.

Many affordable spa hotels in the center of Prague

In the city center there are many hotels with four to five stars that also have very good spas. Among those we can recommend is Hotel Julian in the beautiful district of Malá Strana. This is the area located just below the castle, with a short way to the old town square via Karlsbroen. Near Charles Bridge is another good spa hotel, MOOD’s Charles Bridge. The hotel is very modern and stylish, and is located in an area of ​​the city center with many nice restaurants, bars and cafes. Perhaps the best option in Prague is the Hotel Paris Prague. The hotel is located in a beautiful farmhouse built in Art Nouveau style, it has five well-deserved stars, a very good wellness center, and you live very centrally in terms of nightlife and shopping.

How about a beer spa?

If it’s tempting, you can also try one of several beer spas available in Prague. Although they boast health benefits, this is mostly for fun. The typical arrangement is that you bathe in beer, and have your own tap tower next to the bath.

Short way to Karlsbad and Marienbad

The Czech Republic otherwise has several places with natural springs, and some of them can be combined with a city break in Prague. The most famous spa town is Karlovy Vary, also called Carlsbad in German. As the name suggests, here it goes in a spa across the board. You can get there in a couple of hours from the center of Prague. With about the same travel time, you also get to Marianske Lazne, or Marienbad in German. Both cities have fantastic architecture and location, lots of top hotels, good restaurants, and not least, natural springs and countless opportunities to provide the body with well-deserved care.