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Turkey Overview

Turkey is near and at the same time far. We know people of Turkish origin from everyday life, Turkish holiday paradises from vacation, Constantinople from class. For a long time Turkey was perceived as a west-facing secular republic. Today Islam is in the foreground in political and social life. History 2023 will mark the hundredth […]

Ararat in Southeast Anatolia Turkey

Turkey Geography

Country overview Where does Turkey belong? A controversial issue that is often polarizing, as only 3% of the country is on the European side. The Bosporus as a link to Asia? And what about the Mount Ararat, on which Noah’s ark, according to legend, was stranded? more Geographic zones According to areacodesexplorer, Turkey is divided […]

Turkey Ecological Problems

Turkey Ecological Problems

Official name: Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Area: 783,562 km² Residents: 82,017,514 (July 2020 est. – CIA World Factbook) Growth of population: 0.45% (2020 est. – CIA World Factbook) Seat of government: Ankara Official language: Turkish Regional and minority languages: Kurmanci, Arabic, Zazaki and many more Dam project in the southeast: GAP (Güney Anadolu Projesi) Independence Day: October […]

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Turkey Economy Development

State development plans Strategies to increase competitiveness and the employment rate are on the agenda of the State Planning Organization, which is now called the Ministry of Development. The aim is to improve people’s living conditions and the quality of social security systems. Another focus is on the development of the regional area. Last but […]

Gurbetciler in Turkey

Turkey Migration

Internal migration For a long time Turkey was perceived from the outside as a country of emigration (population exchange and labor migration to Germany). The issue of migration also a strong national component. Indeed, intensive internal migration is preoccupying Turkey on a political, social and individual level. Migration movements within Turkey describe, on the one […]

Istanbul University

Turkey Education and Healthcare

Education Ataturk attached great importance to education in the establishment and development of the Turkish state. “The most important guide in life is knowledge” is one of his much-quoted sentences. According to internetsailors, Turkish socialization takes place through school. Education is very important to people. Teachers everywhere enjoy respect. “Hocam – my teacher” as a […]

Sultanahmed Mosque in Istanbul

Turkey Population

Population distribution According to official statistics, Istanbul is home to 13,255,685 million people (approx. 18% of the total population). Unofficial estimates speak of more than 15 million. The capital Ankara has 3.8 million residents, followed by Izmir with 2.6 million, Bursa with 1.5 million and Adana with 1.3 million citizens. Many of them are not […]

Turkey Circumcision Clothing

Turkey Women and Family

The literacy level of women is 92.5, in contrast to only 1.4% (2015) of men are ignorant of reading and writing. Efforts to increase the school attendance of girls have been effective, although the number of girls in secondary schools and universities can still be increased. However, improving the situation of women is one of […]

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Turkey Political System

People’s commitment to the state Modern Turkey is the heir to an empire that included Anatolia, the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans. At the height of the Ottoman Empire, all of Europe was aware of its power, military strength and desire to expand. In the end it was referred to as the “Sick […]

Turkey Popular Islam

Islam in Turkey

Religion under State Administration: Diyanet Isleri Basbakanligi The Diyanet, Presidium for Religious Affairs, is a state institution for the administration of religious affairs in Turkey – organizationally affiliated to the Prime Minister’s Office. It is the employer of 88,000 prayer leaders / imams, preachers / hatip, prayer callers / muezzin, Islamic legal scholars / mufti. […]