Živko Čingo

Literature of Northern Macedonia

Northern Macedonian literature first and foremost emerged after World War II, when Macedonian was recognized as a written language in Northern Macedonia. Admittedly, literature was written in Macedonian vernacular as early as the 19th century, in part related to the fight against the introduction of Greek as a church and school language in Northern Macedonia. […]

Theater in Northern Macedonia

Art in Northern Macedonia

By the town of Bitola lies the remains of the ancient city of Heraclea Lyncestis. The city is believed to have been founded by Philip II of Macedonia, and later became an important center on the Via Egnatia of the Romans, linking Rome and Constantinople. Excavations have uncovered rich finds of bronze statues and statues. […]

Skopje is the capital of Northern Macedonia

Northern Macedonia

Northern Macedonia is a republic in southeastern Europe, in the Balkan Peninsula. The country borders Kosovo in the northwest, Serbia in the north, Bulgaria in the east, Greece in the south and Albania in the west. Northern Macedonia makes up the western half of the Macedonia landscape, which also includes parts of Greece and Bulgaria. […]


Geography of Northern Macedonia

Northern Macedonia has a predominantly mountainous landscape. The highest parts are located in the Šar Mountains in the northwest, with the highest point in the Korab Mountains, on the border with Albania (Maja e Korabit, 2754 meters above sea level), and further in Jablanica, which continues to the south. In the central parts of the […]