Resorts and Attractions in Austria

Austria is not accidentally considered the most beautiful country in Central Europe. Beautiful cities with impressive architectural monuments, constantly changing landscape – mountains, forests, rivers and valleys have turned Austria into a surprisingly cozy corner. Traveling to this country will seem wonderful at any time of the year. In summer it is swimming in lakes, in autumn it is urban and cultural tourism, recreation at medical resorts. In winter – skiing in the snowy Alps.
Tourists are attracted by the beautiful landscapes of Vienna and Salzburg, beautiful national parks, cute alpine villages and the Land of Lakes located in the west of the country. Austrian ski resorts are famous both in Europe and around the world.

According to zipcodesexplorer, the capital of Austria – Vienna – is always delightful. The old center still breathes the good old days, and the look of the city is defined by architectural monuments. Thanks to numerous art galleries, concert halls and the State Opera, Vienna is known as the cultural center of Europe.
Vienna is one of the greenest capitals in Europe. Dozens of parks, numerous recreation areas, the famous Vienna Woods are wonderful places for a relaxing pastime. The rock garden of the Belvedere palace park is very beautiful: its collection includes 4000 species of plants. Not far from the drama theater Burgtheater there is a pavilion of exotic butterflies. Free-roaming wild boars can be seen at the Lainz Zoo. The racetrack of the Prater park uses the area for horse riding training.

The name of Johann Strauss is inextricably linked with Vienna. This is one of the most significant personalities of the 19th century, a brilliant composer, the king of the waltz, who opened concert halls for dance music and became the first composer in the world to compose hits. His waltzes “On the Beautiful Blue Danube”, “Royal Waltz”, “Spring Voices”, as well as the polkas “Trick Truck” and “Viennese Sweets” are still performed at every Viennese ball. The whole world knows his operettas “Indigo and the Forty Thieves”, “The Bat”, “The Gypsy Baron”, “Night in Venice” and “Viennese Blood”.
The Strauss Museum on Heldenplatz holds portraits of the “king of the waltz”, paintings of old Vienna, sheet music, Amati’s violin, which belonged to the composer, a piano and a house organ. In 1921, a monument to Strauss was unveiled in the Viennese City Park, and he was buried in a crypt at the Vienna Central Cemetery.

Ischgl – the most fashionable and most expensive resort in Austria. Here is one of the largest ski areas, where it is possible to go around all the tracks without taking off your skis. The resort is mainly aimed at experienced skiers – there are many red and black slopes. But in the upper part of the slopes and on the plateau there are trails for beginners. In addition to the Ischgl ski area in the Paznaun valley, you can ski in Switzerland – the Samnaun region, which is also a duty-free zone.

Zell am See is a favorite vacation spot for Russian skiers. The main advantage of the resort is the magnificent well-groomed slopes and the most famous apres-ski. Single ski-pass for the Schmittenhoehe ski area and the Kitzsteinhorn glacier.

Saalbach-Hinterglemm is one of the best places for ski lovers. Snow guarantee December-April. All slopes have snow cannons. It hosts the Alpine Skiing World Championship and Alpine Skiing World Cup stages.

The Gassteinertal Valley is the most peculiar Austrian resort. This also applies to the landscapes and architecture of the houses, which create the unique style of Badgasstein, which attracts many regular guests. This area is recommended for advanced skiers for whom not only skiing is important, but also relaxation in thermal complexes.

Mayrhofen located at the very foot of the Alps, whose height here exceeds 3000 m. Snow-capped mountains covered with shaggy fir trees surround this resort and seem to completely isolate it from the outside world. First-class hotels are combined here with all kinds of entertainment. There are three main ski areas in Mayrhofen, of which Ahorn is for beginners, Penken is for experienced skiers. For lovers of cross-country skiing, more than 30 km of picturesque trails have been laid in the vicinity of the resort.
On long winter evenings, when it is dark and cold outside, you can have a good time in one of the many restaurants and bars. It is no less pleasant to swim in the pool, sunbathe in the solarium or relax in the sauna. All this and much more – table tennis, ice rink, picturesque hiking trails – at the service of tourists.

Salzburg Attractions – Mozart Museum House, Fort 9th c.

Sights of Graz – Museum of Criminalistics, castle of the 11th century, Cathedral of the Knights of the Teutonic Order of the 13th century.

Arsenal in Graz. The arsenal in the city of Graz was erected in the middle of the 17th century according to the project of Antonio Solari, as a warehouse of weapons for distribution to the townspeople in case of a threat from the Turks. About 30,000 weapons are now stored in the Arsenal. Here you can see rifles, heavy guns, flintlock pistols, naval deck and field guns.

Sights of Innsbruck – Furstenburg Castle, Imperial Palace Hofburg 14-18 centuries.

Abbey of Saint Peter. a Benedictine abbey was founded in 690 by Saint Rupert. Until 1110, the abbey played the role of the residence of the archbishop. The Abbey of St. Peter is a complex of buildings from the 17th-18th centuries. with a monastery church and three courtyards. The interior of the monastery church is decorated with ornaments that look like shells.

Abbey Engelszell is the only Trappist monastery in Austria. The holy monastery was founded in 1293 by Bishop Bernhard as a Cistercian monastery. In 1295 monks from Wilhering lived here. During the era of the Reformation, there was a significant spiritual and economic decline of the monastery, so for some time it passed into private ownership. In 1699, a fire broke out in the abbey. In 1746, the last abbot of the monastery, Leopold Reichl, restored the abbey.

Salzburg – Birthplace of Mozart. Every year, numerous visitors from all over the world are attracted by the charm of city buildings, the beauty of countryside landscapes and cultural events that take place in the city of Mozart in memory of the composer. But not only the world-famous events of cultural life are impressive. The narrow streets of the Old Town, where you will not find cars, the old coats of arms of craftsmen’s workshops on the street. Getreidegasse, where you can also visit the house-museum of Mozart, where the composer was born, countless testimonies of past eras create an indescribable atmosphere here. The Gasteiner Valley
is located near Salzburg.. The very nature of this region has a beneficial effect on the well-being of a person. Legend has it that once a wounded deer healed his wound in the waters of the healing spring of Bad Gastein. Emperors Wilhelm I, Franz Joseph I with his wife Sisi, the king of Egypt and other crowned and uncrowned persons rested here. Only in Bad Gastein, 17 thermal springs come to the surface of the Earth, the water temperature of which reaches 47 degrees Celsius. At the service of health and beauty, there is a mountain bath and healing underground adits, where a humid radon climate reigns in the heart of the Tauern mountain range. Opportunities to improve your health in Bad Gastein are very numerous. These are baths, and massages, and inhalations. In addition, here you can take courses in therapeutic gymnastics, electrotherapy and massage.

Hot steam baths combined with a cold tub promises Bad Hofgastein. A guest of this resort can entrust his health to proven medical and restorative methods developed by Austrian scientists. It houses the Institute of Rheumatology, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.

Salt springs are a proven way to treat many ailments. Therefore, the Sanatorium St. Josef in Bad Dürnberg has become a favorite holiday destination for many tourists. The Celts mined salt here already 3000 years ago. But now the industrial production of salt has been stopped, and Bad Dürnberg has become a resort town.

Attractions in Austria