Puerto del Carmen, Spain

Located in the southern part of Lanzarote, Puerto del Carmen is the largest and most popular resort on the island. But it did not become so immediately – until the 1960s. on the site of hotels and seaside restaurants was the fishing village of La Tiñosa. As the only reminder of those times, only the old harbor in the western part of the city remains. Today’s Puerto del Carmen has a developed tourist infrastructure, a convenient location relatively close to the airport, wonderful sandy beaches. In general, it is not surprising that more than a million tourists visit the city every year.

How to get to Puerto del Carmen

According to bridgat.com, Lanzarote can be reached by sea from neighboring islands and by air. Most tourists choose the second option. There is no direct flight from Moscow to Arecife, but there are many options with quick transfers in Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Munich. Buses No. 161 and 261 run from Lanzarote Airport to Puerto del Carmen (between them 5 km). Departure is every hour on weekdays and every 2 hours on weekends, travel time is 15 minutes.


There is no urban public transport in Puerto del Carmen: only regional buses run along the central street of Avenida Playas, driving around the island. There are many bike rentals in the city, and there is a bike path along the coast.

It is better to call a taxi by phone at a hotel or restaurant, although the price will be “from the side” (a free car with a ceiling with a green backlight), if higher, then not much.

Traffic in the city center is mostly one-way, when driving a car you need to be extremely careful. All parking lots in the city are paid, there are not very many of them, and finding a free place can be problematic.

Puerto del Carmen Hotels

The vast majority of accommodation options in the city are privately owned apartments and rooms with a kitchenette in apart hotels. Almost all of them are located in modern residential complexes with shops, cafes and swimming pools. The average cost of renting a studio is 50-85 EUR per day. There are not very many classic hotels, mostly 4 * hotels prevail, the price of a standard double room is 100-200 EUR per day with breakfast. You can stay in a three-star hotel for 65-80 EUR. There are no hostels. The prices on the page are for August 2021.

The beaches of Puerto del Carmen

Beaches with a gentle coast and developed infrastructure have made Puerto del Carmen one of the most popular holiday destinations for families with children in the Canaries. The resort has 8 beaches with a total length of 6 km. All of them with free admission, showers, changing rooms and inexpensive beach accessories: renting an umbrella and two sunbeds will cost 8-10 EUR. But each of the beaches has its own feature.

Playa de la Barilla (GPS coordinates: 28.919081, −13.668374) has golden sand and no rough seas. The beach is very conveniently located in the city center, making it easy to get here by public transport or car (there is parking). There is a rescue station. The main beach of Playa Blanca or Playa Grande (28.920001, −13.659441) features a smooth slope and white sand. It is also ideal for family holidays, thanks to the almost constant calm. There is a rental of water equipment, a variety of attractions.

Playa Blanca has been awarded the Blue Flag.

A feature of the neighboring El Caleton de Enmedio (28.919141, −13.654816) is the abundance of round sections of solidified lava among the sand. Due to calm waters and shallow depths, the spacious Playa los Pocillos beach (28.920402, −13.663395) was chosen by diving fans. There is a dive center and beach equipment rentals.

Cafes and restaurants

The most popular restaurants of Puerto del Carmen are located on the central street of Avenida Playas. Here you can find establishments of various cuisines. The largest concentration of Spanish restaurants is in the Old Port area at the western end of the city. Most of the dishes in the Canarian version of the tavern cost 13 EUR. Fried cod with ratatouille will cost 15 EUR, beef meatballs in sauce with mashed potatoes – 8-9 EUR. In restaurants, of course, more expensive. Iberian pig medallions in an original 6-herb sauce with a side dish of baked vegetables cost 25 EUR, oysters – from 4 EUR apiece. Fast food is mainly represented by sandwiches with jamon, cheese and tomatoes for 5-8 EUR. There are McDonald’s and Burger King.

What to do in Puerto del Carmen

There are no architectural attractions in the city, so the local authorities offer tourists to spend their free time on shopping and entertainment. Puerto del Carmen is the only resort in Lanzarote (other than the capital) where there are large shopping centers with an excellent selection of popular clothing and footwear brands. The largest mall in the city is Biosfera Plaza (Avenida de Juan Carlos I, 15) with a food court and free underground parking.

On the northeastern outskirts is Rancho Texas Lancerote, which combines a zoo and an amusement park (off. site in English). Rancho Texas Lancerote is built in the style of the Wild West with thematic areas: Indian Village, Gold Mine, Medicine Man’s Cave. Giant tortoises, iguanas, snakes and crocodiles, raccoons and armadillos live there in conditions close to natural. Bison and buffalo graze in the meadows, and cougars and Bengal tigers walk in the enclosures. Convenient paths are laid through the park, a relaxation zone with pools and sun loungers is equipped. Shows of parrots and sea lions, performances of cowboys are held daily.


The beach season in Puerto del Carmen starts in July and lasts until October. The peak falls on August-mid-September, when the sea warms up to the maximum. Most precipitation falls between November and February.

Puerto del Carmen, Spain