Porec, Croatia

The small medieval town of Porec in Croatia has a long history, as the town is over 2000 years old to be more precise. This old, cozy gold nugget is beautifully situated on a peninsula with the Adriatic Sea as far as the eye can reach, at lookout points or St. Euphrasian Basilica.

In Porec, however, there is a lot of life and movement despite the small size, partly because it has a long history and partly because it is very easy to find accommodation at suitable prices at both hotels and at the city’s many campsites.


As mentioned above, there are a number of sought after campsites and hotels in and near Porec for all different tastes and tastes. Camp Lanterna and Camp Zelena Laguna are the two largest campsites, but also Solaris and Ulika, which are for those who do not want a thread on the body – ie the latter are for nudists.

South of the city are most hotels but in the center there is also a luxury hotel, called Riviera which has been recently renovated and offers an incomparable view of the old town and the sea.
A lot has been invested in tourism in Porec and it is in fact the case that there are twice as many hotel beds as there are residents in the city. Casinos have also been arranged for those who want to play a little and bet a penny or two.

Attractions in Porec

Just by strolling around the center of Porec, you will surely discover lots of buildings and small alleys that will make one cringe in surprise – positively meant of course. Among other things, there is a church here called the Basilica of St. Euphrasius, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Inside the church you can glimpse mosaics from the 5th century. You should remember to cover both shoulders and knees when entering.

Another attraction in Porec that is also reminiscent of Rome and Italy, is the large ring wall that covers the city. It almost looks like part of the Colosseum. The ring wall was built in the 16th century as a protection against the Turks. The Byzantine heritage and the Roman influences are also reminded and a number of cultures meet and form the pride of Istria that you can not get enough of.

In summary, Porec is a perfect combination of culture and tourism and since the Croats are known for being very hospitable, it is no wonder that people come here time and time again… time and time again.

Get around Porec

The bus network in Porec is well developed and cheap. Otherwise you can easily take a taxi. However, many people rent a car or bicycle once they are in place as this is the best way to see a little more of Istria and the areas around Porec. To some beaches you can take a small mini-train which also gives a pleasant experience and contributes to chances to make new acquaintances with other tourists while sitting there and looking out over the sea and the coast.

Get to Porec from Sweden

You can go to Porec with a charter if desired. It is also possible to book a flight seat to Pula with Norwegian or to Rijeka with Ryanair.

Porec, Croatia