New Year’s Tours to Finland

The majority of the population of the post-Soviet space has clear New Year’s associations: snow, the smell of spruce, the chiming clock, tangerines, Russian salad, champagne. If you decide to meet him outside of your home, Finland is a worthy alternative to celebrate, with the only difference being that the chiming clock is replaced by grandiose fireworks.

Family holidays in Finland or a New Year’s fairy tale for everyone

It is well known that this country is considered the most “New Year’s” by right, since it (or rather Finnish Lapland) is the birthplace of the main instigator of the entire New Year’s action, Santa Claus. A fairy tale floating in the air, neat houses decorated with illuminations, a cozy holiday atmosphere in the interiors, the warmth of a fireplace and close people – what else is needed for a perfect New Year’s Eve? Therefore, New Year’s tours to Finland as a family holiday are becoming more and more popular and attractive, given that their cost is quite acceptable.

To make this holiday unforgettable for children, you should definitely visit the residence of Santa Claus or, as it is called here, Joulupukki, where they will get to know his wife Muori and a cheerful family of little gnomes and will be able to convey their wishes regarding New Year’s gifts to him in written or oral form.

New Year in Finnish

According to a2zgov, the celebration begins on December 24 with a traditional sauna for Finns, and on Christmas Eve it is customary to attend a church service. In addition, Finland is full of New Year’s fortune-telling and rituals, which not only complement the general atmosphere of the sacrament of the New Year, but also help to see all the colorfulness and originality of the Finnish people.

The Finns love and honor this holiday very much, and therefore celebrate it noisily and cheerfully, not only in the comfort of home, but also in a noisy company of bars and restaurants with a sea of ​​champagne, like other more urbanized inhabitants of the planet. On New Year’s midnight, the sky over Finland is lit up with endless bright colors of fireworks, and in the capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi, an amazing action takes place with skiers and Santa Claus on a reindeer sleigh.

What else is remarkable about winter Finland

In addition to celebrating the New Year, there are still a lot of interesting options for spending time here:

– you can actively relax on the various slopes and slopes of the ski resort in Levi
– teach or consolidate skiing skills for small vacationers in Takho
– try the latest ski technologies in Vuokatti
– go rafting on the Tornio and Kilpisjärvi rivers
– go fishing on the banks of rivers and lakes
– visit the museum Arktikum, Ranua Zoo.

New Year holidays in Finland are a great choice for any kind of winter holiday and any age!

Holidays in Finland

You can get acquainted with Finland by going on a short study tour around the country or on the popular Finland-Sweden tour. A stay in a cozy and upscale hotel or spa hotel in Finland will be a real gem of your trip.

But you can truly appreciate and feel the beauty of this lake region only after spending your vacation in a cottage, surrounded by pure and pristine nature. The forests of Finland are full of mushrooms and berries, and the rivers and lakes abound with fish. Fishing in Finland will bring pleasure to both the amateur and the sophisticated professional.

Fishing in Finland is possible on rivers, rapids, lakes and in the sea throughout the year. No one is left without a catch.

The choice of holiday cottages in Finland is truly impressive: from the simplest to the exclusive, from the smallest, for one family, to the very spacious, accommodating a large company. Cottages in Finland, in the vast majority, are well equipped and located in picturesque places. Cottages are equipped with saunas and, as a rule, have access to the water with their own pier and boat: ideal conditions for a good rest and fishing!

New Year's Tours to Finland