Luxembourg Tourist Guide

Car rental

Although car rental is relatively expensive, for many it is the most convenient and easy way.

travel around the country. Ask if the car rental price includes:

log (VAT), full insurance (full insurance) and unlimited mileage. Luxembourg network highways are very developed, right-hand traffic. The driver must necessarily fasten the seat belt. The maximum allowable speed within the families, towns, villages – 50 km / h, on motorways – up to 120 km / h, on other roads – 90 km.

hour. The cost of gasoline is one of the cheapest in Europe, so drivers from neighboring cities Germany and Belgium often cross the border to fill up with petrol.

Operation of shops and banks

Banks are open from 09.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 16.00 from Monday to Friday. Saturdays at banks in the capital are open until 12 noon. Exchange offices at the airport are usually open from 7.00 to 20.30 all week (on Sunday – from 9.00 to 20.30), at the railway station – from 8.30 to 21.00.

Shop opening hours: Mon 14.00 – 18.00; Tue – Sat 8.00 – 18.00. Large supermarkets operate with 09.00 to 20.00-22.00. Most credit and debit cards are accepted.

Customs regulations

According to A2zgov, there are no restrictions on the import and export of currency in the form of banknotes and traveler’s checks. Allowed wireless import of sports equipment (1 pair of skis, 2 tennis rackets, 1 set of fish-fishing accessories). In addition, from a European country – not a member of the EU, duty-free imported cigarettes – up to 200 pcs. (or cigarillos – 100 pieces, or cigars – 50 pieces, or tobacco – 250 gr.), coffee beans – 0.5 kg, strong spirits – up to 1 liter, sparkling or liqueur wine – up to 2 liters, ordinary wine – up to 2 liters, perfumes – up to 50 gr., toilet water – 0.25 liters. and other goods. Forbidden you-who, without special permission, antiquities, weapons, as well as items that are a national treasure. The import of narcotic substances, weapons and ammunition is prohibited.

Veterinary control

An international veterinary passport is required. Rabies vaccination required given not earlier than 30 days before crossing the border, but not later than 1 year before the resettlement boundaries.

Insurance policy and medical care.

Every tourist is required to have a medical insurance policy. Surnames are entered in the policy tourists and the duration of their stay in Luxembourg.

The insurance policy contains information in Russian and the rules for insurance of medical expenses.

Be sure to read the terms insurance contract before the trip. During your stay in Luxembourg We recommend that you carry your insurance policy with you at all times. We remind you that diseases associated with pregnancy and the consequences of alcohol intoxication are not insured events. At infectious disease of a tourist, the hotel administration has the right to demand his check-out from the hotel.

Calling an ambulance in Luxembourg is free. When you need medical attention call your insurance company immediately by phone specified in the policy and provide the following data: last name, first name, date of birth, insurance policy number. The representative of the company will find out what happened, where you are, explain how to behave in this situation and what compensation you can expect, if refer you to a doctor if necessary. In this case, the visit to the doctor and subsequent treatment are paid by Insurance Company; in some cases it may be necessary to pay the costs for on-site treatment (only in agreement with the insurance company). In this case, the costs incurred by a tourist in an insured event, returns the Moscow representative office of the insurance howling company after the trip, subject to availability supporting documents. If the tourist goes to the doctor on his own, then in this case you need to be ready to fully pay for his services on the spot and not claim full compensation for incurred insurance company expenses.

Passing the border of Luxembourg:

When passing through passport control, you must present a passport with a visa, they may ask to present also: air ticket, voucher, cash (cash, traveler’s checks, child card). On January 1, 2013, the European Union changed the rules for the import and export of cash and now it is necessary to declare cash amounts in the equivalent of more than 10,000 euros, and you need to declare it at the entrance. and on the go. Declarations are subject not only to the euro, but also cash in any currency, as well as securities and traveler’s checks. The EU has already developed new declaration forms.

Receipt of baggage. In the arrivals hall, read on the monitors in which section it will issue-all baggage from your flight. As a rule, luggage appears quite quickly, luggage trolleys in airports – free of charge, or a deposit is required for them.

Hotel accommodation

Please present your voucher upon check-in at the hotel. Checkout time in most hotels 12:00, however, sometimes rooms can be ready later (15:00-16:00), in which case things can be leave in the hotel’s storage room. Please note that the hotel is not responsible for documents, money and valuables, if they are not stored in an individual safe. Most 4-5* hotels upon check-in requires a credit card or a cash deposit for a minibar, telephone and other additional services. When leaving the hotel: check-out time is usually 09:00 – 12:00. Not forget to pay in advance the bills for additional services at the hotel: telephone conversations, use of a mini-bar, laundry, dry cleaning, etc.):

Hotels often occupy historical buildings, rooms of the same category may be different.

mi in terms of layout, size, etc. When ordering a single room, keep in mind that you will pay extra you also pay a considerable amount, only for “loneliness”, and these numbers are much smaller than the standard double room.


Changing the menu during breakfasts and dinners at the request of the tourist, as well as ordering additional nyh dishes and drinks are paid by the tourist additionally.

Tours and transfers

Individual excursions and transfers: for each individual service there must be a separate a voucher indicating the day, time, place of meeting, as well as a contact phone number, who to call in case of problems and questions. Museum tours: entrance tickets are paid on the spot, waiting in line with the guide reduces the time of the tour.


The waiting time at the airport is 2 hours after the landing time, according to schedule. In case of significant delays (more than 2 hours), the transfer may not be provided.

If you cannot find a meeting person with a sign, please call the numbers indicated in phone voucher. Accompanying services on the transfer – in Russian, the driver in transfer, as a rule, in addition to Luxembourgish, German or French languages ​​speaks English.

Luxembourg Tourist Guide