Luxembourg Religion

The population of Luxembourg is largely Catholic. By law, the government is not allowed to keep statistics on religious affiliation, but about 90 percent of residents are estimated to belong to the Catholic Church.

The Grand Duchy has been a Roman Catholic archdiocese since 1988.

There are also Protestant communities, mainly Lutherans and Calvinists. Foreign nationals include members of other religious communities, such as Muslims, Orthodox Christians and Jews.

Luxembourg Population Pyramid 2020

  • Countryaah: Population statistics for 2020 and next 30 years in Luxembourg, covering demographics, population graphs, and official data for growth rates, population density, and death rates.



Liberal success in the EU elections

May 26

In the elections to the European Parliament, the Liberal Democratic Party (DP) becomes the largest, albeit only marginally, compared to the usually dominant Christian social CSV. Both receive just over 21 percent of the vote and two seats in the European Parliament. The Greens land at close to 19 percent and receive a mandate, while the Social Democratic LSAP receives 12 percent of the vote and a mandate.


Abducted monarch dies

April 23

Grand Duke Henri announces that his father and representative as monarch, Jean, have died at the age of 98. Jean abdicated in 2000, after 35 years on the throne.


The Prime Minister is praised

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has been strongly supported by several EU leaders since he pointed out at a summit between EU and Arab countries that he is gay and would risk the death penalty in some Arab countries. During the meeting held in Egypt, his statement was met with complete silence by most of the Arab participants.

Luxembourg Religion