Inserts Adhesive – Retirement without Breaking-Breaking

You know when you’re willing to take a changed in your kitchen or bathroom, but it hits that lazy just thinking about the mess that will be in time to put the new coating?

Inserts Adhesive – Retirement Without Breaking-Breaking

As it is, you are not alone! Most of the people already went through this, the desire to leave the most beautiful environments and on the other side the lack of will to reform. Especially for those who live in the apartment and knows that in addition to the care staff, the reforms will bother you also the neighbors.

It is for this reason that new solutions of coatings and finishes are being developed to make installation easier, avoiding the quebradeiras, avoiding the waste of materials and even the dirt generated by the exchange of coatings.

The pellets and adhesive are all part of this new range of products that came to facilitate the lives of people, because it dispenses with skilled labor in the installation, given that it is quick and easy to install and still has all of these attributes described above: dispense quebradeiras, avoid waste, and not dirty your house or your apartment.

Can be applied in wet areas and moist, in fact, have been made for exactly that, for application in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, laundries and even in swimming pools.

Of the that are made the inserts adhesive?

The pellets and adhesive are made of a resin called polyurethane and an adhesive, a glue, high resistance, they all have a durability of 5 years in areas of wet and dry and for 2 years in wet areas: inside of the box, bathroom, on the edges of pools and bathtubs, etc.

They also have ultraviolet protection that prevents the inserts are stained due to the action of the sun.

Inserts adhesive resinadas come in plates of generally 30 cm x 30 cm, wrapped in two plastic, one behind where is the sticker and the front, which serves to transfer the inserts to the desired location, a plastic transfer. There are also inserts on smaller boards, for a stripe finish on the wall, but nothing prevents you to cut the card larger to create their own ranges of tablets.

Where can I apply the inserts adhesive?

Another doubt is very common on the pellets and adhesive are the locations of the application allowed, you can apply the pads adhesive resinadas on smooth surfaces that can be: ceramic, porcelain tiles, MDF and other wood composites, metal, glass, or even on the wall painted with epoxy paint, acrylic or latéx.

How to apply the inserts adhesive?

The application is very easy, as I said do not need to hire an expert to put the inserts in adhesive, they already come with a plastic transfer on the front, just take off the plastic from the back of the card, leaving the exposed adhesive material and paste on the wall, pressing the brake pads with the help of the plastic of the front.

Another tip is that the surface of application of the inserts should be clean and dry prior to application.

Use a ruler and metallic stylus to cut the trim pieces or even to split the cards into smaller sizes, if you want to do a small range of inserts.

After the application, in the case of wet areas such as in the interior of the box from the bathroom you have to wait 48 hours until complete fixing of the inserts, and then you can take your bath normally.

Inserts adhesive resinadas resist until the jets of high pressure water, such as the Wap. But, you do not need all of this to clean your insert, in fact the cleaning is very easy because the pads adhesive resinadas do not have grout.

How to clean the inserts adhesive?

The cleaning can be done with a sponge and neutral soap, using always the soft part of the sponge, and then remove the soap with clean water, using a damp cloth or playing in the water and after passing a dry cloth.

It is important to avoid abrasive materials, scouring powder, baking soda, and brushes in the cleaning.

What is the price and the cost of the inserts adhesive?

A huge advantage of the inserts and adhesive is the financial economy, the price of the inserts resinadas is similar to the inserts conventional, the tracks are found from R$8 reais in average for the piece and the larger plates between$ 25.00 and$40.00 actual piece.

The tiles are 30 cm x 30 cm so the square meter (m2) would be equivalent to 11 pieces has a value between R$ 275,00 R$ 500,00 reais, approximately, remember to buy a few pieces more than the film that you have as a guarantee, around 10% more of the area of application.

As I said, the price of the inserts adhesive is equivalent or even a bit more expensive than the inserts conventional, but the economy is in the installation you do not need to pay any labor, and does not have the cost of the grout, or the grout or glue application to the inserts.

That is, in the final budget of the inserts adhesive resinadas are more economical.

Worth buying inserts adhesive?

The question that begs: it is worth investing in inserts, adhesive resinadas?

And like most things in life this answer is going to depend on your goal, if you want to exchange the coating of the wall of the kitchen, bathroom, toilet or laundry without making a mess, quickly, and spending little inserts adhesive resinadas are a good choice.

Indicated including when you live in a rental property and want to give a changed during the time they reside in the property.

Now, if you want a finish final, with high durability, the best option is to invest in tablets in conventional resinadas, glass, metal, or even ceramic. In this case, the investment will be larger, will need reform, but certainly the finish will be much more satisfactory.

It’s up to you to define what is within your needs and your personal taste.

Where To Buy Inserts Adhesive?

Well, there is a problem you will not find the inserts and adhesive in building materials, is a new product that requires no extra materials and is not profitable for the shops of the construction, so you will only find directly with suppliers.

And for the joy of those who want to buy the inserts adhesive, the internet is here to make life easier and to easily connect suppliers to end consumers, without intermediaries, therefore, the majority of them have already invested in e-commerce platforms that allow us to make the purchase online.

You will find the inserts adhesive resinadas these sites below, but remember-if you use the internet in your favor, search for the company name and see if there are complaints in the Complain Here, or if there is any negative comment about the company or the products marketed by it.