How to pack properly for a city break

Packing properly for a city ​​break is about finding the right balance. You do not want to carry around a lot of effects that you are not going to use, but you also do not want to end up missing something you really need. Read below about how you should do it when packing your suitcase for your city break.

Start by choosing a suitcase or bag

The city break is probably short-lived, and you’d rather avoid wasting time waiting for your luggage. If you take everything on board, you also do not risk your luggage getting lost, although this rarely happens. Check the rules of the airline for how big a bag you can take with you in the cabin of the plane, and then choose what you pack in. Note that some airlines are far stricter than others, especially RyanAir.

If waiting for your luggage is not a problem for you, well, then you have far more flexibility when packing. Then you’d rather have a big enough trolley case than a bag to throw over your shoulders. Keep in mind, however, that it can be tiring to carry a large suitcase, especially if the transport to the hotel is convoluted.

Make a list in relation to the purpose of the city break

Where you travel and what you will experience naturally affects what you take with you. If you prefer to take in sights, you choose completely different effects than if the purpose is to experience the city’s nightlife. Think about what you plan to do each day, and make a list accordingly. The exercise helps you focus on what is important to bring. Making a list is also useful in relation to the planning of the stay itself.

Choose the right garments and shoes

Choose the right garments and shoes

The main emphasis of what you bring with you is almost guaranteed clothes and shoes. Here it is important to choose garments that can be used several times. For example, if you want to get up a bit and go out on the town, choose a jacket that can be used again. Shirts and blouses weigh less, so use these to change outfits. Also choose garments that weigh little and have a low volume. If you depend on washing clothes at the hotel along the way, be sure to bring non-dyed clothes. Then you do not have to wash several times.

Preferably choose shoes that are neutral and that fit all combinations of the outfits you bring with you. Wrap the shoes with the soles against the outer edges of the bag or suitcase. Then pack the clothes in the middle.

How important is that jacket really?

The biggest mistake most of us make is to think “what if” too much. What if it rains? What if the pants get dirty? What if it gets cold in the evenings? The more such “what ifs” you come up with, the more likely you are to take unnecessary effects with you. Be a little harsh with yourself even if you tend to worry about all sorts of eventualities. Rather, bet that the weather forecast you checked will be correct, and trust more in your luck and flair.

Keep order in the bag with packing bags

Have you tried just throwing your clothes in a bag, and compared to whether they are nicely folded? Clutter in suitcases and bags means lots of lost luggage space. If you pack your clothes neatly instead, you will see that you have far more space. Having order also makes it easier for you to find the objects you may want from your luggage. Travel-accustomed packing professionals take packing one step further with their own bags.

Retailers who sell travel effects often have a selection of packing bags that are excellent. You can also find this at dedicated online stores. The bags do more than just keep order, they also give you more space, although it may sound counterintuitive. Most variants make it possible to compress the clothes when they are neatly placed in the bag. Packing bags are also useful for keeping clean garments separate from dirty clothes.

Roll or fold the clothes?

Roll or fold the clothes, depending on what you prefer and how much space you have. Both solutions work well even if you also use a bag that compresses. Clothes such as shirts, blouses, trousers and sweaters become less curly and wrinkled if they are rolled up.

Be your own sherpa

If your bag or suitcase is going to be fully loaded when you leave home, consider being your own sherpa. Wear the garments that weigh and hold the most, and perhaps in several layers. The same with shoes if you have several pairs. You can do this even if the weather is hot. You can tie jackets and sweaters around the waist or hang around the neck. It is very likely that you also travel with an extra bag, such as handbags and PC bags. Choose one with a little extra room in it, and you may get some of your luggage in it, such as the toiletries and underwear.

City break with shopping on the program

Is shopping one of the main goals of a city break, how about traveling with an almost empty bag? In theory, it is fine to travel with only identification, tickets and payment cards. As long as you have enough money to shop with, it can actually be fun to travel virtually empty-handed.

You should still think about which suitcase or bag you bring, unless this is also on the shopping list. In all cases, make sure that you have enough space to bring home both what you brought and what you shop for.

Use your mobile phone or tablet

Carrying books and maps with you on city breaks is completely unnecessary. They take up a lot of space and may weigh a good deal. If you are the type who needs to have reading material on the flight or in bed when you go to bed, bring e-books instead of hard copies. If you do not have your own reading tablet, you can download a free reading app for your smartphone.

The same applies to maps if you are going to navigate through the city. You probably have maps on your mobile anyway. If you are worried about the mobile bill, the maps can be downloaded in advance from home. Many smartphones allow you to use GPS with pre-stored maps, and you do not have to turn on roaming with the expenses it entails. Also remember that the camera on your mobile phone is normally more than good enough to take holiday photos with. You hardly need the large SLR camera.

How to pack properly for a city break

10 things not to forget

If you travel on a city break, you get access to all the effects you may need. If you forget something important, or do not have room to take it with you from home, you can still take a shopping tour when you arrive. Be sure to check opening hours in advance if the effects are something you should have in place from the outset.

However, there are some things you must not forget, and which should be at the top of your packing list. You should always bring these effects on board the cabin. Also consider which ones should be worn on the body at all times.

  • Travel tickets
  • Pass
  • Driver’s license (or bank card with ID)
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Health insurance card
  • Proof of insurance
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Medications you may be dependent on
  • Glasses and / or contact lenses