Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Best Hotels

Need help booking your trip? So stay with us and learn about what the best hotels have to offer.

One of the most important parts of the trip is the choice of itinerary. Using a search, you can find the best places to visit, the most recommended restaurants and, most importantly, the best hotels to go.

Among the tasks that must be performed, the choice between hotels must be made carefully. There are many factors to be evaluated, such as the type of accommodation, comfort, price and location. Also, if the hosting experience is good, the ride is lighter and more enjoyable.

To help you in your quest to choose the most suitable hotel for your stay, we have prepared a post with several tips. Continue reading!

Set the purpose of the trip

First of all it is important to think about what kind of trip you are going to make. It can be a trip with friends, a weekend for two, a family vacation or just a business trip. Regardless of the case, this must be defined – and taken into account when choosing the best hotel.


For a tourist trip, the choice of accommodation types can be more difficult due to the excess of options. It is up to you to select the option that most pleases and satisfies your goals and your companions. Some appropriate suggestions are from hotels, vacation homes and inns. Still others prefer hostels, hostels, resorts and even farm hotels.


When traveling for business meetings   or even taking public exams, the choice of hotel must meet certain criteria. Imagine getting away from the event venue and something unforeseen? No way, right? Therefore, consider staying close to your appointment. Also analyze the distance from the hotel to the airport and the shops.

Another interesting option for executives is hotels with their own structure to perform certain tasks. Examples are those with a large number of outlets, good internet connection and meeting rooms.

A very useful differentiator for those on business is 24-hour room and breakfast services. With the rush between one activity and another, practical eating can help a lot.

Decide hotel location

With the purpose of the trip already decided, the time has come to choose the region of the hotel. With the right location, your trip can be even more amazing and practical. Here are some of the things you should note in order to rock out when choosing a hotel. Come on?


Hotels located in the city center make it easy in case you have a problem to solve. The ease in finding various types of trades and providing services is very good. If you have no car then nothing better than having the freedom to walk out of your room to buy something you need.

To choose the best ones, search Google for the neighborhood. In addition to the center, there are cool neighborhoods for you to stay. Prioritize those that offer security and the most sought after by tourists. There are hotels in very busy areas and also in quiet places. It all depends on your preference.

Near the sights

Hotels near  tourist sites  are often more easily occupied. To avoid surprises with the lack of rooms, make your reservation as soon as your destination is decided. The key to being in a good location is patience and time and attention. These items are essential to get rid of headaches during your stay.

Away from urban centers

There are hotels that are far from the hustle and bustle of big cities and therefore cost less. They are favorable places for the rest and quiet of the clients. On the other hand, getting away from sights can be a problem if you are without a car. The solution in this scenario is to rent a car or see how public transport services in the region work.

Choose accommodation type

The hotel room varies according to the services and structure of the rooms. Next, you follow some of these nomenclatures and understand the types of accommodation offered to clients.


The standard, considered the simplest of the rooms, offers enough to accommodate guests. Although simple, it is suitable for couples, singles, families or groups of friends. It is suitable for any type of tourism and also for those looking for a place just to sleep and rest.

In hotels near beaches, this type of room usually has side sea views. In the cities, the windows overlook the back of the building.

Among the items offered are:

  • bed;
  • light fixture;
  • wardrobe;
  • nightstand;
  • fridge;
  • writing desk;
  • television;
  • telephone;
  • bathroom with soap, dryer, towels, shampoo, conditioner and dryer;
  • room service.


For single travelers or even adventurers, there is the single type. They are single rooms with one or more single beds. The services offered may vary depending on the availability of each hotel. Reservations are usually filled by those looking for a hotel just to have a place to sleep during their stay.


Ideal for a family or group of friends is the “apartment”. It has comfort, enough space and double room, which can be used by children. In addition to the bed and basic furnishings, there is also a balcony, large bathrooms and a guest area. Some offer variations such as the simpler, higher level or so-called Loft. The great benefit of this type of accommodation is that it usually has a kitchen, so guests can make their own food.


Known as executive rooms, the Master concept encompasses features such as large accommodation that can fit up to more than one bed. They are more expensive than Standard and are better located in the hotel.

Master Superior

Similar to the Master room, the superior type is more complete in accommodation and services offered. The installation environments are bedroom and living room, separated by a door. It can be compared to apartment as it has a larger footage of rooms. The bathroom most often has a bathtub, and the balconies are made up of more furniture. If you want the best view from your room, this accommodation is your choice.


Aiming to accommodate couples, or just one person who wants more comfort, suites are ideas. This standard includes the executive suites, plus suite and presidential suite.

Basically they feature spacious bathrooms and other structures such as dining or work desks. Sofas or armchairs are useful furniture that also make up the accommodation, plus a balcony, to make you feel at home.

Luxury bedroom

Not all hotels have the luxury room option. Only the high end grant this hosting. Here you get a high quality service package at very high rates. It’s all worth it for providing refinement and well-being to guests. Among the pampering are:

  • king size beds with unique raw materials;
  • fireplaces;
  • whirlpool;
  • jacuzzi;
  • bathtubs.

Learn about room types

In general, the beds that make up the rooms of the lodging are double or twin. In many establishments, this composition can vary and have up to three beds: all single or one double and two single. If you are staying with babies, it is also important to check with the hotel service if there is the possibility of crib or cot rooms for better guest accommodation.

There is a standard for bed sizes and styles, which may vary by country:

  • single bed, for one person, features a 90 cm x 1.90 –2.00 cm mattress;
  • double bed, for two people, measuring 1.40 cm x 1.90 – 2.00 cm;
  • queen-size bed, larger than double and measures 1.53 –1.60 cm x 2.03 cm;
  • king size bed, more spacious than queen size bed. The mattress measures 1.98 – 2.00 cm x 203-210 cm.

Check the services offered

Of course, the services offered by the hotel could not be out of our tips. After all, it is no use having a wonderful room, if the accommodation loses the other criteria. So pay attention to services offered to guests such as laundry, wake up service, taxi call, car rental and safe deposit box etc. Also remember to check the fees that will be charged, otherwise what was supposed to be a facility could end up leaving you at a loss.


The food served to hotel guests must meet some basic requirements. In general, breakfast is included in the rates of all accommodations. The fridge

With some drinks and cookies are also available in the rooms, with prices, which are set in a list, next to the products. These foods, when consumed, are paid separately at check-out.

Some hotels offer tea and coffee for guests to make in their rooms. In relation to the main meals, it is common to have restaurants in the hotel, with rates that must be paid at the end of the stay.

Room service

Room service is offered by the hotel where you are staying and is part of the benefits to customers. Tasks include tidying up the room and even handing over a request to the kitchen or reception.

Cleaning is the responsibility of the employees of the venture. Among the tasks to be done are cleaning the bathrooms and rooms and tidying up the beds.

Free internet

An important tip before choosing  where to stay is to check if the hotel offers free internet service. After all, we can’t stay disconnected from friends and family.

Imagine waiting to come home to post your photos on social networks? Or lose that email you were expecting from your work? No way, right? With this convenience, no doubt, your trip will be smoother. You won’t have to travel from the hotel to an internet cafe or use mobile data from your mobile.

Shower quality

One of the biggest prerequisites for choosing a hotel, and also one of the most neglected. It may seem insignificant to talk about hotel shower, but it makes all the difference in a lodging. After arriving for a walk or a business meeting, having a nice shower will renew your energy. To further ensure this benefit, see other guests’ opinions about. Find out if the showers work well with hot and cold water and if there is a good space to relax.

Cordiality in providing service to staff

It is common for unforeseen events to occur during your stay at the hotel. To solve these problems, employees must be attentive and helpful. Being met by humorous people makes all the difference in a trip. Even if in many situations problems are not solvable, friendliness is a point to be valued.

Partnership with tourism companies

One way to make choosing and scheduling tours easier is to stay in a hotel that has a partnership with tour companies. At the reception itself you will be aware of the services and excursion fees to make the most of the area. Not to mention the safety of being nominated by a trustworthy establishment. Surely a good tour guide is the best way to know the sights of the city.

Well-known and busy bar

The hotel bar should have good service, with quality drinks and snacks to savor. Whatever type of accommodation you have, having some time to distract yourself is very interesting. Also, if it rains on a day of sightseeing, the bar may be the best option. Having fun in the hotel’s own atmosphere can make the day livelier. Similarly, if the place is well-traveled, it will be conducive to making new friends.

Additional Wellness and Leisure Services

Another tip before choosing which hotel to stay in is to check for additional services. Here are some that can make a difference at the time of choice.

Pools and Saunas

When you have the option of cooling off in a swimming pool, the concept of a hotel is greatly improved. If you also have a covered and heated area, leisure is guaranteed whether it is rainy or sunny. In addition, the sauna is a great option for those who want to detoxify the body and dispel stress.

Fitness centers

It is a fact that people take more care of their health and seek to exercise even while traveling. Within this context, many hotels have inserted in their services gyms. Take advantage of this trend and stay in good shape even away from your home. Check only the conditions of use, the proper attire and the preservation of the space.

Beauty services

Highlight in many lodgings is the possibility of having the skin and hair treated. Spas and beauty salons promise to make life easier for guests who need extra treatment. These treatments are worth it, whether it’s being in town to attend an event, a wedding or just energizing your body.

Conference Rooms

If the purpose of the trip is business, settling in hotels with conference rooms is of great help. On site, there is everything needed for a corporate meeting, such as audiovisual material and other technologies.


It’s nice for guests who live in nearby cities to know if the hotel has parking. Your car will be safely stored and you can use it when you feel it is necessary.

Note the price of the fees

As already mentioned, rates are part of the many conveniences of a hotel. However, keep an eye on tariff abuse. At first glance, these are small fees, but by using the services you may end up extrapolating your expenses. Another question is about the reservation. Many ventures charge for giving up. Make sure these rates are not high as incidents can happen to anyone.

Learn how to choose hotels for international travel

Now we talk about traveling abroad. Choosing a hotel in other countries requires some  extra care. Below you will find some important points.

Check the hotel website

Don’t just rely on search engines, also visit the hotel site you are considering. This attitude can be a helping hand to know more details about the stay. As hotel booking pages   are updated every day, you get the latest news and offers. It also finds out if the hotel is undergoing any renovation that will disrupt its plans, such as the renovation of the gym, for example.

Watch out for the country’s currency

As each country’s currency may vary, we have prepared a list of guidelines for exchanging your money:

  • European countries that use the euro as currency, change money before travel here in Brazil;
  • in the United States, buy dollars in Brazilian territory;
  • in England, pounds sterling must be purchased in Brazil;
  • In other countries, exchange the euros or dollars purchased in Brazil for the local currency of the country when you get there.

Remember to take an international credit card to take advantage of the advantages that are offered to overseas customers.

Search what people say about the place

See what other people think of their hosting experiences. These can be suggestions from friends, family, acquaintances, and on Yelp or  TripAdvisor search  engines.  If you choose the virtual hotel search pages, you will see the opinions of other guests about the services offered by the establishment.

In that case, take time and read the reviews to clear up any doubts about the hotel you are considering booking. The cool thing is that on these sites the ratings are separated by items such as convenience, location and cleanliness. It is also possible to see the photos posted by guests and not just the promotional images.

You just have to weigh the ratings because there is no perfect hosting. Unexpected situations can happen, just like anywhere else. An example to mention is the lack of energy. In such cases, review whether the customer analysis was the same as that of other people. A good tip is to compare the reviews and compliments and highlight what is most interesting for your trip.

Know pricing tips

A relevant option for choosing your hotel abroad is to know the most recommended days of booking. Prices are more expensive on weekends, so it is advisable to book between Monday and Friday.

Another alternative for greater savings is to select hostels. These establishments accommodate guests in shared rooms. A good choice for backpackers or those who want to venture abroad.

As you can see, the choice of the best hotel varies from person to person. We hope that with our tips you will be able to decide which hotel is best for you. Also remember to pass your stay experience to friends and other people. That way, other guests will learn to make reservations as well as you.