Estonia’s Defense

Estonia has a general duty of military service for men from the age of 19 and first service from 8 to 11 months. The country joined NATO in 2004. Estonia has a staff of 6600 active personnel, 12,000 in reserve, 15,800 in home defense and a semi-military border guard (2018, IISS). Norway has contributed to the building of the Estonian defense with material and military instructors.

NATO contributes to defense through the Baltic Air Policing and Enhanced Forward Presence programs. In 2018, Germany had deployed six fighter aircraft, the United Kingdom and Denmark with 900 and 186 personnel respectively.

The Army has 5700 active personnel, including 3200 conscripts, in addition to 12,000 volunteers. The army is easily equipped with 28 storm tanks and 158 armored personnel vehicles.

The Air Force has a personnel strength of 500, two light transport aircraft and four light helicopters.

The Navy has a personnel force of 400, one patrol vessel (2000 tons) and four mine war vessels.

Estonia joined NATO in 2004 and borders Russia

The semi-military border guard is equipped with, among other things, 13 patrol vessels, three landing craft, one aid vessel, two light transport aircraft and three helicopters.

Forces abroad

In 2018, Estonia participated in the NATO operations in Afghanistan (Operation Resolute Support) with 40 personnel and in Serbia (KFOR) with two personnel.

The country participated in 2018 in the UN operations in Lebanon (UNIFIL) with 38 personnel, Mali (MINUSMA) with three personnel and in the Middle East (UNTSO) with three observers.

In addition, Estonia had deployed 50 personnel in Mali (Barkhane).