5 Myths About Led Light Bulbs That You Need to Let Go

Even gaining immense popularity, there are still myths about LED bulbs that cause doubt, and put to proof the efficiency of the product.

5 Myths About Led Light Bulbs That You Need to Let Go2

Replace conventional lighting by LED lamps is the ideal choice for those who want to lower energy costs and maintenance. It is necessary to understand the truth about the product to know the benefits that it will add to your lighting. Check it out and leave the main myths about LED lamps you’ve heard:


1- “LED Lamps are very expensive”

The LED lamps have gained a popularity so great that the prices have already become well-accessible in the market.

By having a cost benefit as well higher, they are still a little more expensive than the conventional lamps, but consider this difference in the monthly savings of electrical energy and duration, which can be 3 times higher.


2- “do Not have efficient lighting”

The LED illumination has already been very efficient when the technology was still in development. Today, we can say that it is totally the opposite. A lot of people still confused to determine the amount of Watts believing that it will define the luminous flux, when in fact it will measure the amount of energy consumed. In the case of LED bulbs, the consumption is reduced, but the amount of light-measured by lumens, is enough according to the chosen model.


3- “you need a adapter to put it”

Some models still require the adaptation, however, several LED lamps are already being manufactured with the brazilian standard socket E27. Also known as socket screw, it carries out the fixing of the lamp and the most widely used in homes, usually with conventional lighting.


4- “Are bad for the vision”

The light emitted by LED lamps only can harm the retina if used in the incorrect way. According to scientific research, so that light from the LED to reach to harm the cells eye it would be necessary that they were exposed directly to a light of 100 w at a distance of 10 cm for 12 hours fixed. Any light in this duration, and intensity would damage a retina, so we were not able to stare at the light, including the sun.


5- “can Only be used in small areas”

In addition to highly enough, the LED lamps have a significant variation of shades, sizes and models specific for each space. The Tube lamps, Reflectors and other models, are examples of specific lamps for ample lighting, as well as the tone and the model chosen can make a difference in the lighting effect.

The security and comfort provided by the illumination LED is second to none and by this trust in a recognized brand and responsible is fundamental to ensure even more efficiency in the products.

The LED lamps of the G-light are manufactured with the assist of technologies each time more modern. We manufacture lamps certified by Inmetro for all types of environment increasing the possibility of choice and providing each time more security to the consumer.

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