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Tourism in Bulgaria

Bulgaria ‘s climate and geography have resulted in a relatively high investment in attracting foreign tourists. Bathing holidays along the Black Sea coast and skiing in the mountains are the most important focus areas. In addition, there has been an increasing number of tourists to the capital Sofia after Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007. […]

Bosnian soldiers march in Sarajevo on November 24, 1991

Bosnian War

The Bosnia War was a war that lasted from April 1992 to November 1995. The war revolved around control of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, in the wake of the disintegration of the Yugoslav state.¬†Nationalist politicians from what had been the Bosnian Republic’s three constituent peoples (Muslims, Serbs and Croats) since 1943 fought with military means […]

Hamburg Market

Attractions in Hamburg

Attractions in Hamburg Boat trip on the Alster There are numerous offers for boat trips on the Alster.¬†However, the best way is to take the Alster Kreuz cruises from April to October: during the leisurely, two-hour excursion, stops are made nine times, so that passengers can hop on and off anywhere to go to a […]