Bulgaria joined NATO and the EU in 2004 and 2007, respectively

The Contemporary history of Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s contemporary history is the story after 1990. In the post- World War II period, Bulgaria was part of the Soviet- controlled Eastern bloc. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, Bulgaria became a democratic republic. Republic of Bulgaria Todor Shivkov had been Bulgaria’s strong leader since 1962, and the one-party state of […]


Literature of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Over the years, Bosnia and Herzegovina has had very varied literary traditions. Often, Serbian and Croatian writers from Bosnia and Herzegovina are not considered “Bosnian literature” but Serbian or Croatian. Here is an overview of the overall literature in the country. The Middle Ages The oldest literary memorial from Bosnia-Herzegovina is the Trebinje chronicle of […]

Alster Lake, Hamburg

Events in Hamburg

Hamburg DOM The DOM describes itself as the largest folk festival in the north. The event with fairground attractions, gastronomic treats, games and fun takes place three times a year. The “Spring Festival” provides a lot of entertainment with carousels, roller coasters, rides and a ferris wheel. The summer cathedral also attracts with numerous attractions. The winter dome rounds […]