The History of Bulgaria Part 2

Under Ottoman (Turkish) rule (1396-1877) During the five-hundred-year-old Turkish rule, conditions for the Bulgarians varied. It was probably the hardest during and immediately after the conquest, when large areas were looted and burned, the state apparatus was destroyed, the nobility was deprived of their property and positions, and the church lost its independence. Many churches […]


History of Bosnia and Herzegovina Part II

Insurgency against Turkish rule A hereditary feudal class and local army leaders (kapetani) who developed from the 17th century became very independent in relation to the sultan. While also Christians had been able to be landlords before, and Muslim peasants serfs, led the development of the 1800s was all the big landowners ( aga- is, […]


Hotels in Frankfurt

With 30 to 50 trade fairs a year, Frankfurt is the most important conference and conference city in Germany. For this reason, the hotels are fully booked most of the year and visitors are advised to make reservations very early. The hotels below have been divided into four price categories: Luxurious (over € 200) Moderate ( € 100 to € […]