The history of Bulgaria

The History of Bulgaria Part 1

The history of Bulgaria is the period from antiquity to 1990. The history is characterized by the fact that the area has been subject to a number of foreign powers. In ancient times, today’s Bulgaria was part of a province under the Roman Empire. By the division of the Roman Empire in 395 according to […]

Remains of an Illyrian wall in Stolac, Herzegovina

History of Bosnia and Herzegovina Part I

The history of Bosnia and Herzegovina is characterized by the fact that various states have fought for influence over several centuries. The population consists of several ethnic groups, which have at times been at odds with each other. The area that is today Bosnia-Herzegovina was from the 12th century partly under Croatian, Serbian, Byzantine, Franconian […]

Düsseldorf's harbor district

Düsseldorf Travel Guide

City Overview Düsseldorf, the former village on the Düssel, a tiny tributary of the Rhine, has become the region’s economic engine and is now one of the richest cities in Germany. The large number of banks and international headquarters located here make Düsseldorf a cosmopolitan city, home to around 100,000 foreigners – one sixth of […]