Balkan mountains in Bulgaria

Geography of Bulgaria

Bulgaria can be divided into four main geographical regions: two plains and two mountain regions, all with the greatest extent from west to east. The average height above the sea is 470 m. The Donausletta extends along the entire border with Romania and reaches south to the foot of the Balkan Mountains. It is a […]

Bosnia and Herzegovina's Political System

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Political System

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a republic and federal state with a relatively weak federal level. The political system is based on the Dayton Agreement (1995) that followed the Bosnia wars in the first half of the 1990s. The supreme political authority is the UN High Representative, who ensures that the civil content of the Dayton […]

Konigsallee Park, Dusseldorf

Attractions in Düsseldorf

Attractions in Dusseldorf The old town In addition to the countless gastronomic establishments, you should visit the charming town hall square from the 16th century, the churches of St. Andreas and St. Lambertus, the grotesque memorial to commemorate the Battle of Worringen (1288) on Burgplatz next to the small river Düssel and the green southern […]