Wild boar in Estonia

Geography of Estonia

Estonia is mostly a plain or a low plateau that rarely goes higher than 100 meters, with an average height of 61 meters. The highest peak reaches Haanja in the southeast with Suur Munam├Ągi (317 meters) as the highest point and at the same time the highest in the entire Baltic. The lowest areas are […]

Bulgaria's Political System

Bulgaria’s Political System

Bulgaria is a parliamentary-democratic republic. The head of state is a president who is elected in the general election for 5 years and can be re-elected only once. The real power lies with the government. The National Assembly, Narodno sobranje, has 240 members who are elected in the general election for 4 years. Bulgaria is […]

Lapp Owl

Geography of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a mountain country, only eight percent of the country is less than 150 meters above sea level. In the west, the landscape is dominated by karst mountains (Dinaric Alps), which mainly run in the northwest-southeast direction, interrupted by characteristic poles. In the middle are the forest and mineral rich Bosansko rudogorje […]