10 Tips of Feng Shui to Harmonise Your Home

Take care of the environment where you live is key to maintaining balance and well-being. See how easy it is to apply the technique to the chinese

A technique the chinese for millennia to bring well-being to the inside of the house, the Feng Shui teaches how to compose environments that are healthier and harmonics from patterns of energy vibration. The idea is that the place where you are, be it your home or office, give the feeling of balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual.

10 Tips of Feng Shui to Harmonise Your Home 1

“The entire space of the house or work is like a living body, whose organs are its various environments. For there health, each one needs to be harmonized with all other”, explains the consultant Silvana Occhialini, founder of the Brazilian Institute of Feng Shui.

Believe it or not in the mystical, the fact is that the rooms organized within these guidelines are the same amazing. The beauty comes from the combination of harmonic colors and also the arrangement of furniture to take best advantage of the space.

Obviously, to be able a complete assistance and precise, the ideal is to consult a specialist in technical chinese, but what many people do not know is that there are some practices of Feng Shui simple and easy to implement at home or at work. Check out some of them:

10 Tips of Feng Shui to Harmonise Your Home 2

  1. Hold the door for free entry. A lot of people usually fill the entrance door of the house with vases, ornaments, and columns, but this habit is discouraged by the Feng Shui. The ideal is that the space is free so as not to block the flow of energy to the house.
  2. Do not block walkways with furniture. Following the same logic, the layout of the furniture in the room should always allow the free circulation. Furniture blocking the entrances can mean several types of limitations, such as, for example, the difficulty to manage life.
  3. Avoid placing furniture and objects between the two doors. In the oriental technique, it can generate a obstacle to a closer relationship between two people, creating problems, disagreements and conflicts.
  4. If possible, avoid windows and mirrors exactly in front of the entrance door. Otherwise, all of the energy that enters, attracted by the light, it dissipates-if the window or the reflection of the mirror. When you do not have a way, a curtain in the window can help alleviate the loss of energy. Another option is to hang a crystal multi-faceted in the distance between the door and the window.
  5. Stairs should not be constructed in front of the entrance doors! To avoid that the energy that enters through the front door to escape from the ground floor and go only for the top floor. The crystal is multi-faceted (or a beautiful screen) can also help mitigate this situation.
  6. Entrance door and the bathroom door may not be aligned. The bathroom is the room most heavy of the house by sucking a lot of energy, thus aligning it with the port of entry is the same as to open a channel to all of the energy absorbed between the drain literally. Financial problems and digestive disorders are a trend for those who live in that environment. A mirror on the bathroom door or a screen can help.
  7. Never leave the bed with his back to the door or window! The Feng Shui believes that beds are poorly placed can mean betrayal. Get the energy always from the front! It is important that the room is also composed of colors, light and that transmit calm, like blue, violet or green of course, to help in the time of sleep.
  8. Eliminates the corners and furniture that can hurt you. If every time you pass by the room, you run into the knee on a coffee table, the message that you are passing to the brain is that your home is not a safe place. Place protectors on Thursdays and don’t hesitate to dispose of furniture and objects that can hurt in the passage.
  9. Do not postpone the repair of things! Things that are broken and poorly cared for in the home reflect things poorly resolved internally. Fix what no longer works and throw out what does not have more way.
  10. Bring plants into the house! For more accustomed we are to the city, the fact is that our essence is natural and feels the lack of green and contact with nature. There are several species of plants easy to take care of indicated inside of the house, such as the chrysanthemum, the sword of St. George, cactus and violet.

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