Europe is one of six continents on the planet, the second smallest on land, behind only Oceania. With an area of ​​10 498 000 km 2 and a population of 744 707 158 inhabitants, the European continent has 50 independent countries, according to CountryAah.com.

Russia is the largest country in Europe and the world. With a territory of 17 098 242 km2, it is located on two continents, in eastern Europe and Asia (where most of its land is concentrated), and its capital Moscow is in the European part. The smallest territory in Europe is the Vatican, with an area of ​​0.44 km 2 . Although located within Rome, the capital of Italy, it is an independent state.

Located in the northern hemisphere (above the equator line), the European continent borders on the following areas:

  • North: Arctic Glacial Ocean and North Sea
  • South: Mediterranean Sea
  • East: Ural Mountains, natural border with Asia
  • Southeast: Black Sea
  • West: Atlantic Ocean

Europe’s socioeconomic division

Based on economic, political and human characteristics, we classify Europe into:

Western Europe

Where developed countries are concentrated, such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Eastern Europe

Where less developed countries are concentrated, such as Poland, Ukraine and Croatia.

European countries and their capitals

Western Europe

  • Germany: Berlin
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Andorra: Andorra la Vella
  • Belgium: Brussels
  • Denmark: Copenhagen
  • Spain: Madrid
  • Finland: Helsinki
  • France: Paris
  • Greece: Athens
  • Netherlands (Netherlands): Amsterdam
  • Ireland: Dublin
  • Iceland: Reykjavik
  • Italy: Rome
  • Liechtenstein: Vaduz
  • Luxembourg: Luxembourg
  • Monaco: City of Monaco
  • Norway: Oslo
  • Lisbon Portugal
  • United Kingdom: London
  • San Marino: San Marino
  • Switzerland: Bern
  • Sweden: Stockholm

Eastern Europe

  • Albania: Tirana
  • Belarus (Belarus): Minsk
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo
  • Bulgaria: Sofia
  • Croatia: Zagreb
  • Slovakia: Bratislava
  • Slovenia: Ljubljana
  • Estonia: Tallinn
  • Georgia: Tibilisi
  • Hungary: Budapest
  • Latvia: Riga
  • Lithuania: Vilnius
  • Macedonia: Scope
  • Moldova: Chisinau
  • Montenegro: Podgorica
  • Poland: Warsaw
  • Czech Republic: Prague
  • Romania: Bucharest
  • Serbia: Belgrade
  • Russia: Moscow
  • Turkey: Ankara
  • Ukraine: Kiev

Some countries in Asia are listed as Eastern European due to their socio-cultural links with Europe. These countries are:

  • Armenia: Ierivan
  • Azerbaijan: Baku

Curiosities about Europe

Did you know that some countries in Europe fit within some of our Brazilian states? See below some examples:

  • Germany, with an area of ​​357 022 km2, fits in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul which has 357 145 km2.
  • Denmark, with an area of ​​43, 094 km2, fits into the state of Rio de Janeiro which has 43, 781 km2.
  • France, with an area of ​​549 190 km², fits in the state of Minas Gerais which has 586 520 km2.
  • Italy, with an area of ​​301 340 km2, fits in the state of Maranhão which has 331 936 km2.
  • The United Kingdom, with an area of ​​243,610 km2, fits into the state of São Paulo which has 248 219 km2.
  • Portugal, with an area of ​​92 090 km2, fits in the state of Santa Catarina which has 95 737 km2.
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